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How You Can Watch The Tom Brady Documentary Series ‘Man In The Arena’ Online

The highly anticipated series provides an intimate and in-depth look at the legendary quarterback’s career and personal life.

The professional career of Tom Brady reads like a Hollywood blockbuster. But perhaps even then, with his winning record and humble beginnings, any scriptwriter would have questioned if such a transpiring of events was too far-fetched. The reality however, is already well known: Brady, the famed 199th NFL draft pick and bench-warmer for much of his starting season for the New England Patriots, soon stunned the world as he trained tirelessly to become one of the greatest quarterbacks in the sport’s history. In his 19 seasons, Brady has appeared in a record 10 Super Bowl, seven of which he has led teams to victory, the most of any player and more than any NFL franchise. It’s a story that speaks to his unwavering drive and dedication, but if ever there were any doubt just watch his new documentary series, Man In The Arena. 

The documentary series from ESPN+ presents an intimate and in-depth look at the legendary quarterback’s 10 Super Bowl appearances through his own eyes. Not surprisingly, many are already calling it The Last Dance treatment for the NFL. No player in NFL history has been to more Super Bowls or won more of them, nor has any player been MVP of the game more than Brady’s five times. 

The new docuseries directed by Religion of Sports’ Gotham Chopra goes deep into each of those 10 Super Bowl appearances, deconstructing not just the physical strain placed on Brady and his teammates, but the psychological and emotional terrain too. Brady is, of course, a father and husband to wife Gisele Bundchen, and remains a devoted family man. To juggle fatherhood and training to remain at the peak of his career is no easy feat, and yet he manages to do so with great character and sensitivity. This documentary series sheds light on his personal life and how he finds some semblance of balance to do it all. 

As Chopra said in a statement, “Tom Brady has been a dominant force in the NFL, and in the broader culture, for two decades now. No player in recent memory has been more analysed or debated, more beloved or reviled. Man In The Arena is an examination of his impact on and off the field, and I’m eager for that discussion to continue around the series.”

The first episode of the series will drop on ESPN+ on November 16. Each episode will then debut weekly on the streaming platform. For fans and sporting enthusiasts eager to watch the series, know that it’s exclusively available on the streaming platform which is the industry-leading service when it comes to sports events, original programming and exclusive editorial from ESPN writers and reporters. Fans can sign up to ESPN+ for just $6.99 USD a month at, or on the ESPN App. It’s also available as part of The Disney Bundle that gives subscribers access to Disney+, ESPN+ and Hulu for $13.99 USD a month. 

It’s also reported that Brady will soon get his own reality series, offering insights into his gruelling fitness routine and family life. Fox teased a collaboration with the Super Bowl champion, with Charlie Collier, CEO of Fox Entertainment, saying: “We also have an unscripted project with Tom Brady. Yes…that Tom Brady.”

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