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How Chris Evans Trained For That ‘Winter Soldier’ Elevator Fight Scene

But the sequel, Captain America: The Winter Soldier, deepened the character, sending him on the run from his former allies, unsure who to trust with the world at stake. One of the most complex and satisfying MCU fight scenes began his scramble, as the good captain fought off a horde of enemies in a crowded elevator. Unlike many of the Marvel fights, which can feel virtually weightless, like pixels moving through a video game, the elevator fight hits home as real.

Watch the scene below.

And it took a lot of training to get there, as fans have learned over the years. Some footage recently resurfaced via Reddit of Evans rehearsing the scene in a mock-off elevator with nearly a dozen well-armed bruisers. It’s a quick clip that we’ve seen before, but together with others we’ve seen over the years, it’s a reminder of just how much preparation went into the scene.

In a short clip Evans himself shared, he’s working through his moves solo, pacing out the choreography.

In another, he’s taking on a single foe, who comes at him from the front armed with what looks like a prop knife.

And finally, there’s a clip taking from the set, with Evans in full costume apologising for hitting one of his co-stars with an elbow.

Taken together, you see how much work goes into making the scene look real. Hours of time go into making sure that when square-jawed Captain America asks, “Gentlemen, before we get started, does anyone want to get out?”—you know it’s on.

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