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5 New Fragrances That’ll Keep You Smelling Fresh this Winter

Upgrade your kit.

Ever wonder why we feel the need to pick a heavier scent in winter? Well, with the cold dropping our body temperatures significantly, we no longer have as much body heat to diffuse the scent like it usually does in summer. Add that to the cool air dispersing the scent, and you’ll probably find that those light fruity fragrances just aren’t enough.

Just remember: Don’t overcompensate. Although you want your fragrance to withstand the wind, apply too much and it’ll repel the people around you. Try a spritz or two first. Sprayed too much? No need to shower. Apply a bit of alcohol to a cotton swab and dab the areas of skin where the spray was splashed. It’ll help remove some of the scent.

This season, we’re looking to spicy scents with amber and wood – think Montblanc Explorer Ultra Blue and Gentleman Givenchy. Check out our other go-tos for the colder months below. 

Montblanc Explorer Ultra Blue

Inspired by the blue of nature, Montblanc’s Explorer Ultra Blue has super distinctive citrus, woody and marine notes. It makes you think of adventure and exploration, and is the perfect scent to spray once you’ve finished a session at the gym to make you get those fresh, invigorating and energising vibes.


Issey Miyake Fusion d’Issey Extreme

Bulgari Man Glacial Essence

The perfect word to describe Bvlgari’s Glacial Essence fragrance is frosty – it’s cool and sharp smelling but still musty and herbal thanks to its wood and ginger notes. This is one of those ones that smells better with wear.


Gentleman Givenchy Intense

For this one, think woody-floral mixed with Cedarwood and Blue Iris. Seems like a lot? We know, but it just works. We’d call this one a ‘sophisticated man’ and the ultimate for a night out.


Dior Sauvage

A staple in the bathrooms of many men, Dior’s Sauvage mixes an extreme freshness with warm oriental tones via the bergamot (think slightly peppery and zesty), cedar, sandalwood and vanilla.


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