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6 of the Best Swim Shorts to Make a Splash This Summer

We head to the pool in search of this season’s hottest new swimwear.

Image: John Rintoul, styling: Arrnott Olssen.

When it comes to buying a new pair of men’s swim shorts, it’s never as simple as it seems. We’re all different heights, shapes and sizes, meaning that choosing the right style, colour and design for your body type is essential. There are swathes of potential sartorial slip-ups to be avoided to ensure you’re looking the part this summer, whether you’re hitting the sunny beaches of Ibiza, or keeping it local Down Under.

Swim shorts are a garment that find themselves nestled comfortably between board shorts and budgie smugglers – they’re practical, comfortable and won’t turn heads for the wrong reasons. If picked correctly, they’ll look good on almost all body types and, by picking a decent looking pair, they’ll double-up as your day-to-day shorts, too. Welcome to fashion in 2019.

Yet, you’ll rarely pick the right pair of shorts first time round, because there’s a lot to consider. Luckily, we’re on hand to help you identify the perfect pair of men’s swim shorts for your body as we hurtle towards summer. So whether you’re tall, short, lean or big-boned, fair or tanned, hairy or bare, our guide to finding you the best swim shorts will stand you in good stead.

Check them out below.


The bold and the beautiful

Whether it’s on the beach or poolside, this season is all about bright colours. We recommend pairing with a simple white T-shirt for maximum effect.

Shorts ($79.99) by Vacay.

Shorts ($79.99) by Vacay.


Shorts ($79.99) by Vacay.

The power of print

With restrictions easing, this is no time to play it safe. Embrace patterns and prints this summer or risk being left in the slow lane.

Briefs ($74.99) by Aqua Blu.

Shorts ($199) by Camilla.

Shorts ($82.99) by Aqua Blu.

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