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Win The Arms Race

The notion of out of sight, out of mind explains what goes wrong for a lot of guys when they try to jack up their arms. Admit it: you look in the mirror and see your biceps, so they’re what you’re more inclined to target. But you’re missing a trick.

While biceps and delts create the definition you want in your arms, it’s your tris that provide most of the size. I’m always hearing, “I never get bigger!” Well, quit whining and hit your tris twice a week – or three times max – with this potent combo of moves.

4 sets, 8-12 reps

With a barbell held at arm’s length above your face, hinge at the elbows to lower the weight to your forehead. Return to the start position.

4 sets, one arm at a time

Standing, bend at the waist, draw the weight behind you until your arm is straight. Pause, squeeze your triceps, then slowly lower back to the starting position.

3 sets, 6-9 reps

Lying on a bench, grip the barbell with hands about 15cm apart. Lower to your chest then press the bar up, squeezing your tris throughout the move.

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