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“I Went to Sex Camp And Here Are 5 Things I Learned”

What do you get when a group of adults gathers at the edge of a forest to observe a collection of butt plugs? Sex camp. You get sex camp. 

Specifically, you get “Camp Lovehoney,” a two-day glamping retreat for editors and educators to talk about sex (baby), organised by the sex toy retailer Lovehoney. A lineup of qualified sexperts gave presentations on amplifying orgasms through the Kivin Method and edging; the fine art of anal play; embracing your kinks and fetishes; and achieving sexual happiness. Reps from Lovehoney also showed off the latest toys in their arsenal, including a “strapless strap-on” that’s perfect for pegging enthusiasts—more on that later.

Here are five juicy sex tips straight outta Camp Lovehoney.

A new twist on the Kivin Method

You might be familiar with the Kivin Method, AKA sideways cunnilingus. The idea is for the giver of oral sex to lie perpendicular to the receiver, so they can stimulate the clitoris with side-to-side tongue action, instead of the usual up-and-down. 

If you’re lying at a 90-degree angle to your partner, you may notice it’s hard to reach your target with their leg in the way. So here’s a tip from Lovehoney sexpert Annabelle Knight: have your partner lift whichever leg is closest to you, and hook it over your shoulders—that should give you easier access. (And as Dr. Holly Richmond, psychologist and certified sex therapist, previously told Men’s Health, you should try going at it from both sides; most vagina owners have one side of the clitoris that’s more sensitive than the other.)

Why your partner might like a butt plug, too.

Butt plugs feel really good for you—but did you know they can make sex more pleasurable for people with vaginas, too? First off, the anus itself has a ton of nerve endings. But as b-Vibe founder Alicia Sinclair explained, inserting a plug can also increase that feeling of “fullness” during penetration—and potentially help apply pressure to those pleasure centres inside the vagina. 

As with all forms of butt stuff, be sure to use toys with a flared base; start small and work your way up; and please, for the love of all things holy, use lube.

Lovehoney sex camp


How to discover your shared kinks

This tip from sexual health expert Francisco Ramirez is basically genius. If you and a partner are trying to identify the kinks that turn you both on the most, use a word cloud.

Let’s say you two have been sexting, or writing each other sexy emails; copy all the stuff you’ve ever written to each other, and paste it into a free online word cloud generator, like this one. It’ll help you see the words and topics that come up most frequently—maybe you mention spanking way more than you realised!—and provide a road map for future dirty talk, role play, or some other kind of experimentation.

There’s such a thing as a strapless strap-on.

Pegging is great, but it can be tricky for the giver to get stimulation out of it—well, besides being turned on by the role reversal and sexy view. But sure enough, there’s a sex toy for that: the Happy Rabbit strapless strap-on, which is basically a dildo and a rabbit vibrator all in one hands-free package. Damn. The future is now.

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