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This Abscess Drainage Just Keeps Going

If you have a weak stomach, be warned. We recommend checking out this nice article on the benefits of going vegan, or reading up on David Beckham’s hobbies. You have been warned.

Facebook user Dr Kid has posted a new video showing what appears to be an extreme abscess on a woman’s arm. The video, posted below, shows the woman draining the growth in a four and a half minute ordeal.

Abscesses are often mistaken for large pimples or cysts, and can occur anywhere on the skin. The most common sites are in the armpits, the base of your spine, around the mouth, and in your groin. They can pop up as a result of bacteria entering the skin through any small tear of opening. The resulting abscess forms as the body’s defenses try to kill these germs with your inflammatory response.

Draining can occur on its own, or by applying pressure surrounding the head, such as this case, and often a doctor is needed to ensure sterile drainage.

By the looks of this case, she’s probably still draining hers till this day.

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