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Kristen Bell Wants To Address Rumours About Her ‘Kinky’ Sex Life

Kristen Bell, whom most men may know from her hilarious role in Forgetting Sarah Marshall, has heard the rumours about her sex life, and she wants to set the record straight.

Doing their due diligence before reporting a story, British tabloid The Star approached both Bell and her husband, Punk’d star Dax Shepard, for comment on their reported penchant for threesomes and S&M.

According to an email from the publication, “a source says that Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard have discussed having a threesome and toyed with other kinky things, like S&M and role playing. Sources say that Kristen believes this is insurance against marital meltdown.”

Bell, who has been married to Dax for 5 years, hit back via twitter saying “I’d love to comment, but it’s hard to talk with this ball gag in!”, but with the internet being the internet, this did nothing to quell the rumours or put the story to bed. In fact it took Shepard to call the story “bullshit” to shut down the request.

“The only offensive thing about this bullshit story is that @kristenanniebell isn’t doing all this kinkiness out of horniness, but rather a desperate attempt to save her marriage,” said Shepard on his Instagram, sharing a screenshot of the story. “I think we all know Bell is a lot more gangster than that. I’ll now give you until 4PM to comment, Star.”

And while these ‘kinky’ behaviours might not be of interest to Shepard, a Canadian study published in the Journal of Sex Research analysed the attitudes of 1040 adults (chosen to broadly represent societal norms) to behaviours such as voyeurism, fetishes, masochism, sadism, exhibitionism and cross-dressing, and found that the practices are in high demand. In fact, chances are, the rumours are true!

Nearly half of the participants surveyed (45.6 per cent) showed interest in at least one of the behaviours, while a third (33.9 per cent) had engaged in one of the acts.

Perhaps Bell and Shepard could benefit from some subtle kink in their sex lives… Here’s how some of their celeb mates do it.

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