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Jennifer Hawkins Shares The 4 Hottest Things A Guy Can Wear

Men’s Health sat down with Myer ambassador Jennifer Hawkins to find out what she likes to see on a man.

First Impression

“The first thing I notice is a guy’s smile,” said Hawkins. “Then I notice whether he’s charismatic or whether he’s shy. Neither is necessarily a deal breaker. Sometimes if a guy comes across as too over-confident, you can just feel like, ‘oh mate, sit down’.”

Autumn Look

“The one item all guys should try this autumn is a pair of distressed denim jeans. Give it a go! I think they’re sexy and show confidence. I love high-tops, too.”

Preferred Look

“I love it when men dress casually but in a stylish way. You never want to look too pretentious or stiff. Some guys can look great just in a pair of desert boots, denim jeans and a knit.”

“A tailored suit always looks pretty smoking, too. For me it’s about ensuring the suit fits well and that you project a sense of confidence. I like a man who’s goal-driven.”


“Accessories add personality. They show you who a man is. I love a chunky watch and men in hats or beanies. When it comes to jewellery, I think you have to keep it quite surfie – maybe just a couple of leather bands or rings. A great pair of sunnis is essential too but keep them understated.”

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