The Haircut She'll Go Crazy Over

Aren't you due for a visit to the barber?
The Haircut She'll Go Crazy Over

Clean up your look. When it comes to hair, women are most attracted to classic cuts, according to a recent survey by research firm Opinion Research Corporation.


In the study of 500 women, two out of three found the side part (think: Leonardo DiCaprio) to be the best-looking style, and 28 per cent voted for the crew cut. Contemporary dos like short and spiked only scored well with 5 percent of the ladies.



Leo pulls off the side-part perfectly (Credit: Getty)

Want to change up your look? Tell your hairdresser you want the classic square crop men’s cut, says Aveda Global Artistic Director of Styling Allen Ruiz. “It’ll give you a more polished look.” (Picture a more modern take on Don Draper’s classic style from Mad Men.)


Then when you’re on your own, use a lightweight styling product like the Styling Fibre from Toni & Guy with ($16; or Aussie men’s Texturizing Wax ($3.40;


You want your hair to look natural (i.e. soft and touchable), not stiff (crunchy or greasy), says Ruiz.